Once lavish Christmas tree not so cocky anymore as the holidays pass into oblivion

Budapest. Hungary. Numerous former Christmas trees, now referred to simply as trees, have been popping up on many a street corner shortly after the winter holidays. Having served their purpose to look cool on social media, evergreens have been released into the urban jungle to fend for themselves.

When questioned, most trees revealed they did not know where it all went wrong between them and their adoptive families. ‘I thought I made them happy’, an already brownish fir confessed. ‘I knew a time would come when they would kick me out of the home, but I thought it would all be a little bit more respectful. Although I have to say, the trash bags have been pretty nice to me so far’, a large pine declared from inside a garbage can.

Hope for returning to their place of origin is pretty dim. ‘I don’t think we’ll grow any of our roots back. It’s a matter of time now’, a broken branch reflected.

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