Romanian authorities display awe and a genuine state of shock as snow falls in December

Many governments have lost a particular sense of wonder one associates with childlike innocence. They anticipate bad weather every winter and start preparing ahead of time killing the mystery, minimizing the joy of snow falling on tall pine trees, icy roads, and slippery highways. They kill the buzz for the average driver, who will most likely get from A to B unharmed and whose chances of involuntarily harming others are also pretty slim.

‘First of all, I want to know who gets to decide that snow qualifies as bad weather?’, the Romanian Minister of Transport challenged our reporter. ‘We all loved it as children. What happened? When did we lose the ability to look at the outside world and see magic everywhere? Second, we are the last men standing against the cultural identity genocide brought about by globalization. It is imperative that we preserve tradition and support the Romanian way. Have we forgotten what it is that we stand for? A smooth and well-lit highway is certainly not who we are, nor who we want to be. Excuse me, miss. It’s snowtime!’

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