Gym owners around the world unite to create the New Years' Resolution Special Offer just for you

Planet Earth. Because of the usual rise in membership applications during the first days of January, gyms and fitness centers worldwide united their creative powers and came up with an amazing new years’ resolution offer. It’s pretty simple. You buy a gym membership for the whole year and get unlimited access for two months. Funny looking fitness guru explains: ‘It’s important to keep people motivated while maintaining abundant cash flows. New joiners have the feeling they are capable of long-term investments in themselves and we are more than happy to help, we set them free quickly, offer fair prices, flexibility, and a fully equipped gym to train their illusion. We are open 24/7 except on Mondays. On Mondays, we recommend bed rest and Grumpy Cat Meme Therapy Sessions.’

Hurry up and don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! Open spots available in your city only!

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