Area man ready to return to generalized apathy after having spread Christmas generosity for two days

Budapest. Hungary. ‘Hunting for presents already had me going crazy. And you know how kids are, little ungrateful bastards. Nothing’s good enough once they’re 15. I’m flipping exhausted’, Carl Seeger, father of three, openly shared his feelings. ‘After donating to Keep A Wife Away Foundation and sharing a Facebook post about Aleppo, I feel like I’ve done my part and am ready to go back to the impermeable bubble I usually refer to as my life. Actually, I really like the less wonderful times of the year when I can just grab a beer, relax and put everything in the back of my mind. And no, by that I don’t mean watching Love actually for the umpteenth time. By the way, have you ever noticed how little sense all those stories make? It’s like The Notebook with pine scent. Man, I can’t wait for January. That’s a pretty good month to refurbish the Earthly Paradise I usually refer to as my comfort zone.’

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