British scientists nominate cheerfulness as THE attitude to display throughout the holidays

Planet Earth. Had a bad year, have you been kinda lame or has life been sorta meh? Time to wipe that mirthless smile off your face and let the sunshine in. (Metaphorically, because like literally where would you put it? Nowhere.)

British scientists discovered that Christmas is not only the time of year when you are allowed to be happy but also the time when you’re sort of like expected to if you know what I mean, successful adult peer pressure and all. After careful analysis of test results, scientists have confirmed that cheerfulness is the best attitude to display around the holidays: it brings people together, tones down all sorts of shortcomings (good riddance, alcohol) and helps with selective memory loss due to overexcitement. Who could ask for more?

When faced with the question what’s wrong with just being comfortably numb like any other day of the year, the British smarty pants (and waistcoats) pointed to the fact that Pink Floyd famously referred to that state of mind in a well known and much-loved song and what they had to say about it wasn’t too flattering, tbh. #justsayin #maketherightchoice #gobritain

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