Forward-thinking multinational company sets new business standard for employees' phone statuses

“We would do anything to keep our employees happy and win their loyalty over other companies. Thus we have come up with a plan to give them all the freedom and job satisfaction they deserve. Regular companies keep their workers on a tight schedule, offering them only a few possibilities to define an average workday. Not us. We aim to entertain and increase productivity by granting our people the trust they need to behave like adults, rather than supervised school children.

Phone statuses such as Training, Meeting, Case Work or Available have become obsolete. It all started when we discovered one of our most ambitious employees using mainly the status Do Not Disturb”, Mark Green, CEO of Life Behind Desks and friend of the newspaper, informs. “When confronted, the aforementioned individual communicated to his manager that he was tired of the usual statuses and needed a change to be able to concentrate. Do Not Disturb simply seemed more honest to him and let him shine at his job.”

Following this accidental discovery, the company decided to change the complete set of statuses. A trial period of three months started six months ago. “We noticed that when dealing with responsible adults, honesty works best”, Mark shared with us. “This is a whole new approach and so far the results have been simply amazing. Some of our featured statuses are Out Enjoying Breakfast, Out Smoking, Out Enjoying the View or Right Here Browsing Memes on Facebook. But there is more where those came from. We encourage our employees to change their e-mail templates as follows: Actually working with an intelligent, funny customer . Might call you back afterward, if I am still in the mood or I could call you right now, but I’m really depressed and don’t feel like talking or I have absolutely no clue about how to even start dealing with your issue, just call in later and maybe I don’t have to talk to you at all.

Customers have responded incredibly well to this candid approach and business is flourishing. In the last few weeks, we introduced Christmas edition statuses, such as Out Shopping or Out Drinking Mulled Wine. We do keep an open mind, though, and allow our top performers to edit their own status, but we’re not sure whether to keep this option open or not. It’s true it has resulted in some confusing activities such as Out Looking For The Recipe For Concentrated Dark Matter. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what that is, but as long as our company is growing strong on the market and our employees don’t wander off to the other side, everything is awesome .”

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