Multiple champion at losing life’s games settles for wisdom and moral superiority

“There are moments in life when you sit back, relax and reflect on a uniquely rich history of failure. And what is reminiscing without a little pat on the back? All in all, I messed it up on a greater scale than anyone I know. There is something I excel at!” Some such thoughts passed through John Martin’s head as he was polishing his loser medals by the fireplace. After he was done, he sat down in his rocking chair and started typing away at his future breakthrough novel From Whiner to Winner. It is the story of a dud who finds and embraces the underachiever within, realizing that there is no success like failure, as the good song goes.

“It’s a tricky title, the readers will be in for a big surprise at the end. After all, I paid a high, but fair price for shaping resentment into wisdom and moral superiority. Now that’s something I can live with! Anyone can flourish, but it takes a really resourceful mind to paint it all in self-gratifying colors no matter how ugly the truth. This is what I want to share with the people: it’s okay not to try.” John took a sip of wine and winked at himself in the mirror. Not too ostentatiously, though.

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