Motivational quote contest results

It’s no secret that motivational quotes are the first sign of an advanced state of despair. Or the last, depending on where you stand. When all self-delusion fails, it is recommended you resort to the mix of the same set of 50 words written in capitals over a background of a setting sun or a happy couple walking down the beach as the sun sets or the sun setting over you and your dog running on a beach bathed in the warm sunlight. Our challenge is to push the envelope on positivity to a level we refer to as the pre-nirvana of mental breakdown.

To achieve this we asked for your help and our call didn’t go unanswered!

Here are a few of the most impressive motivational quotes our readers sent us. We hope you find comfort in them and the strength you need to go on lying to yourself and others.


Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below! Have a boring Sunday!

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