Party-prone employee sobers up after entering wrong password twice

Whiskeyriver. Tennesee. ‘I had a great time last night’, Nathan Carter informs our local reporter. ‘I went out dancing and had a couple of drinks, nothing special. Still, I was unusually hungover in the morning and being faced with the downside of waking up in an unknown place and not finding any ibuprofen, I decided to drag my sorry behind into the office.

I splashed some water on my face, but it didn’t help much. I was already thinking about all the tasks I had to complete that day and wished it had been Saturday to be able to cure it all with heroin, when the incredible, the unexpected happened. As I tried to logon to my machine, I entered the wrong password once. Who cares? I mean, we all do that. But when I entered the wrong password twice I started to realize, that I was in serious danger of having to call the IT helpdesk. I immediately cut the act, straightened my shirt and focused. Focus, Nathan, I told to myself, it’s not like you’re going to make it without Facebook for 15 whole minutes until you sleepwalk through the IVR and they find someone to ask you if Caps Lock is on – no it’s not, it’s not on, I am positive, I swear on my teddy bear’s grave! Not to mention they would set your beautiful, carefully crafted password, that perfect balance of swearwords, puns and Pi to password123.

And I did, I focused. And Lord, did it work! I stopped typing erratically and my secret, the cute little word passed through the login screen as a hot knife through butter. After that scare, I was fresher than a daisy. Dodged a big one right there. Let my workday begin Quick, quick before my screen locks again!’

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