Study identifies flattery as the main factor in corporate career ladder climbing

Kissinger. Indiana. A yearlong study on corporate success and how to climb the (sometimes slippery) corporate ladder has revealed surprising results when it comes to the main factors that lead to a promotion. Among all five companies that were analyzed, flattery has been identified as the main reason for employees’ promotions. Closely followed by physical attractiveness and a youthful flair, flattery stands out as not only the most important ability of an employee but also as the one most sought after virtue by the employer. Mark Green, CEO of Life Behind Desks, clarifies: ‘It is a mutually beneficial attribute that helps our company and us as individuals grow and develop our full potential.’

Readers must surely be wondering what else besides honeyed words and good looks can aid your professional advancement. Researchers assure us that family ties to members of the promotion committee can also play a big role in this picture. Other employers feel that the more knowledge they possess about the candidates, the better. A new trend is on the rise, organizers say. Testing someone’s work ethic and personality does not quite cut it anymore when the competition is really tough. The necessity for new evaluation criteria has given rise to the demand for knowing your subordinate in the Biblical sense too.

‘It just seems fair to know who you are dealing with in case of business trips, for example. You need to make sure you can rely on your employee for out of the box scenarios as well. This is what we do here all the time! And it is very important to most of us and not to be taken lightly’, James Knight, CEO of Bed and Breakfast Hotels states candidly.

Our world is changing fast and we must learn to keep up with it if we don’t want to be resetting passwords until Kingdom come. Researchers advise ambitious employees: ‘Play your cards right and you’re good to go. Can’t say we didn’t tell you so!’

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