Woman carefully selects which life events happen for a reason and which don't

Logicsburg. Louisiana. People tend to think that either everything happens for a reason or nothing does (with a predilection for the first, obviously). This is a bit simplistic for me. Things are rarely black and white, really and I am more of a nuanced type of person anyway. The way I see things is that some do happen for a reason and some don’t. I mean, I see little meaning in kids being washed up on beaches in Greece, right, or in an accident that leaves you blind and stuff. I mean, keep your inner wisdom to yourself, thank you very much, I just wanna see where I’m going.

Although, on the other hand, there is a lot of deep meaning in awesome things happening, like my new job promotion right after umm.. lunch with my boss and this incredible new nail polish color that lasts for 5 days. It’s the small things we must learn to appreciate in order to enjoy the beauty of everyday life. There is good and there is bad in it for sure, but what we need to remember at all times and know within our hearts is that the bad only happens to others.

After careful editing of God’s Great Plan you will wake up one day and realize that no matter what, you will always be right.

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