Rihanna sends repeated desperate signals to the metal community requesting salvation from the barren world of pop

New York City. USA. It is not the first time when pop icon Rihanna has let messages transpire through her clothing or show paraphernalia that point to the fact that she is in deep pain living in the world of monosyllabic pop music. Last night at the MTV Music Video Awards Rihanna displayed a new SOS directed at the metal scene. While performing her hit song Bitch better have my money, Rihanna flashed her name in a huge logo designed in death metal style letters.

Though the bitch seemingly did have Rihanna’s money, it simply cannot buy her peace of mind.

She has hinted more than once to the fact that a rescue operation is imperative by wearing Judas Priest or Krokus shirts among other metal accessories. The world of metal has awakened and after hearing the cries of her lonely soul, lost in the desert of senseless cheerful music, it has decided to adopt her fragile heart weakened by the politics of a goal-oriented musical industry.

‘We think her status and success do not allow her to voice her thoughts and desires explicitly, but her cries have been heard by the metal community. As a gentle and generous crowd we welcome her among ourselves and forgive all the times she has urged us to work, rather determining us to smash a bunch of laptops and radios’, Bruce Dickinson informs us.

‘As our universe is inclusive and we accept the lost sheep of this world, we welcome Rihanna to our community and have even set up a crash course in the genre, in order to take her passion for metal aesthetic deeper into the metal ethic. We are ready to receive her’, Rob Halford reiterated.

Rihanna could not be reached by end of business today, but metal fans are working on an elaborate rescue mission. You’re not alone. Riri! Hang in there, girl!

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