Young man found passed out for third time this week

Sleepyhead. Arizona. An uncommon phenomenon has been observed by increasingly worried neighbors in a residential area of X. A young man was found passed out for the third time within the same week. An otherwise quiet and polite gentleman, Andrew Morgan, has displayed worrying behavior lately. Not leaving the house for work, not greeting the neighbors and showing an irritated attitude when sighted at the local grocery store has got the neighborhood talking.

The gossip got really good though when Andrew was spotted by Mrs. Darcy, while completely out of it in her beautiful hydrangea bush. She was appalled at the thought of someone ruining that perfectly designed harmony of floral bliss, but decided it was best not to touch the subject and let him wake up on his own. Let his hangover, along with the gardener’s bill, be his lesson.

Two nights later, Mr. Spencer found Andrew asleep in his car. He had forgotten to lock the vehicle and when he turned back to restore his car to safety, he found Andrew sleeping in the back seat. Being old friends with his father, Mr. Spencer decided to softly wake Andrew up and ask him to leave the premises. By this time everybody’s bet was on drugs.

It was Saturday morning around 4:00 am though when Andrew was found by a group of teenagers asleep again in the nearby park. They went there for their usual late night / early morning rampage and instantly sobered up when spotting Andrew asleep on the soft, cushioned surface by the swings. ‘We thought he was in serious trouble! So what we did was nudge him with a stick. He like totally woke up and was super scared, like not knowing where he was. It was so cool like we brought him back to life!.’

Though most people didn’t really know or care about Andrew, the neighbors decided to stage an intervention to save him from himself. Finally, something was happening in their neighborhood that caught their attention and that was not on TV!

When faced with the reality of his problem, Andrew stated: ‘I am not a drunk, nor an addict! I am a young father’ and presented solid proof on his Facebook page which set everybody at ease. The mystery was cleared and the neighbors, though rather disappointed, reassured Andrew and started sharing his own experiences. Endless, selfless advice was offered: you can sleep at work, while driving, at theater shows, etc. Andrew had to fake indisposition to get that amount of support out of his house. The neighbors left unwillingly after Mr. Spencer apologized to the young man for kicking him out of his car and comforted him: “Don’t worry, son. You’ll sleep again sometime in your mid-thirties!”

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