Teacher apologizes for trying to raise the bar on students’ education

Alma Mater. Wisconsin. On the monthly parents’ evening, a surprising event took place. After discussing the students’ results and usual disinterest in making any real progress in school, the math teacher Jane Woodall stepped up in an attempt to address the parents who were present at the meeting.

‘For all the effort I put into educating and trying to expand the intellectual universe of your children, for trying to show them the beauty of mathematics and trying to get them off their phones into a better and much more complex alternative universe, I would like to issue a most sincere apology. It has become obvious to me now that students deserve the freedom of choice in regards to what and if they study. I blame my zeal on my legendary idealism and my retrograde concept of education. I apologize for trying to limit their time on Facebook and Twitter. From now on I promise we will go back to addition and subtraction until I reach the enlightened state where their insults and inappropriate comments would not touch me anymore. After that, I suggest they simply stay at home and play video games. This should keep them busy enough, they need not be too much of a burden for you. All in all, I would like to say how sorry I am for stepping out of line.’

Parents were very impressed with Jane’s honesty, courage, and insight into the heart of the matter. They shook her hand and gave her a pat on the back while glaring at Ellen Swift, the English teacher who recently assigned Moby Dick as compulsory reading.

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