Pedophile harbors secret dreams of also ‘being himself’

Jungstadt. Germany. In a world where everybody claims the right to be who they are (whatever that might mean), I have to say I feel deprived of a basic human experience. From Audioslave to Frank Ocean everyone agrees that to be yourself is not only all that you can do but also the only thing you should be doing.

So why not me? Why do I have to be someone else? It just doesn’t seem fair. I love children, so what? Who doesn’t? All my therapist tries to teach me is how NOT to be myself. It’s really frustrating and confusing. I am alone in a pool of people acting like someone they are not. It’s full of sexual predators and single women looking for husbands. It’s crowded but lonely.

I too am an individual with thoughts, feelings, and needs who would like to explore his personality and unique identity. But no, I am ostracized by society and even more so I am expected to ostracize my own self. Heaven knows I’m miserable now!

Worst case scenario, if everything else fails, I think I’m just going to blow someone up today. I bet they’ll wish I could have been more myself then!

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