Employee throws stress balls at active shooter

Cannongate. Florida. Failing to complete the active shooter corporate training, William Robinson found himself in a tricky situation the day a shooter did open fire on the floor he was working on. Seeing all his other colleagues who had participated in the training face the situation with calm and dignity led William to resort to desperate measures amidst strong feelings of regret. After a wave of paralyzing fear and chocking panic, William came to his senses and decided to fight for his life and the life of his co-workers.

He confidently grabbed the cutest stress ball he could find on his desk (strawberry-shaped) and threw it at the active shooter, demanding him to stop hurting everybody, assuring him that a solution to his problems can be found and offering to listen to his grievances.

William gently asked him to rethink his options and though his tone was mild, you could still hear the silent exclamation mark at the end of each cry.

Much to everybody’s surprise the active shooter became passive and let his automatic rifle down. He agreed to discuss his issues with William leading to a beautiful, emotionally charged conversation about his childhood experiences. Phone numbers and promises were exchanged.

As the ambulance and the police arrived at the scene, the shooter had come to terms with the wrong choices he had made in his life, turning himself in and agreeing to psychological counseling.

William made employee of the month and was awarded an enormous strawberry-shaped stress ball along with countless stares of admiration.

He knew that day, he would never have to eat lunch alone again.

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