Blazé student returns Nietzsche masterpiece to the library without opening it

London. UK. ‘I take my studies very seriously’, Mark Spencer declares. ‘I love philosophy and I was always interested in ideas. I just think that philosophy doesn’t really match MY idea of what it ought to be. I was expecting a whole new world of mind porn, but it’s really rather technical and mathematical if you know what I mean.

I mean, I thought it was more like an advanced story about humanity, but it’s a really complex equation instead. It’s just boring now and I feel my expectations were cheated. All I got out of it so far is doubt. Doubting myself, doubting reality, doubting the nature of perception. And that’s fucked. I mean, I was so comfortable before. I will need years of mind-numbing new age literature to get back to the previous state of ignorance that shielded me from pain.

IF I shall ever achieve it again.

So, lastly, I did the right thing, I returned my books to the library. Nietzsche, yes, what a prick. Not to worry, I did the same to Schopenhauer and a bunch of German Idealists right before I dropped out of college altogether.

I will need to find a new occupation, something I can potentially survive and live off of, like mortuary science for example. There’ll always be a need for a skilled undertaker and there’s not a lot of grey area in this field, is there?

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