Emergency breakup letter template

Darling [Insert name here],

Allow me to start by saying that if you’re like me, you must be also thinking of yourself right now. It may come as a surprise the fact that it’s over when it really shouldn’t. It was nice while it lasted. Even though, I have to say it’s not me. It’s you: [insert reproaches and complaints here, alternatively highlight own sacrifices and enumerate a few examples of being in the right or being intentionally misunderstood when in the right].

For the next [insert number here] weeks as I’ll remember you less and less, I want you to know that I’ll do it with an ever-growing feeling of [insert feeling; indifference – suggested option]. I am sure that deep down you were aware of the fact that when I said forever, I meant until someone better came along.

I would love to stay [insert option here: friends, in touch, connected or any other cliché of your choosing] and because of this, I would like to tell you something only a real friend would: behind every beautiful person, there’s another person ready to explore their next option.

There will come a day when you will remember these words and thank me.

From love to like,

[Insert name here]

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