Ugly duckling sues adoptive mother over failure to transform into beautiful swan

Quackling. Wales. Friday morning an ugly duckling was spotted at the local courthouse filing a complaint to start the personal injury lawsuit process against his adoptive mother. He demands 500.000$ worth of financial compensation for emotional distress, claiming he had waited long enough and still not turned into a swan.

“When I joined my mother’s brood, I did it hoping that one day the fact that I was different would materialize into the reality that I was special. Little did I know! Here I am years later still ugly and small. But I do claim my right to the correct story! As an ugly duckling, it is my birthright to metamorphose into a breathtakingly beautiful swan. Obviously, this story is broken. Who does this duck think she is? Walking around, oblivious of the actual plot!”

When asked what he intended to do with the money in case of a successful trial, the ugly duckling reported that he wanted to spend some of it on motivating other representatives of his kind to speak up for themselves, but probably most of it would go into plastic surgery.

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