Romanian mayor builds road with money surplus after years of successful embezzlement

Arad. Romania. I was out of ideas. I had everything I wanted: three houses (fully furnished with Italian custom designed items and wives), exclusive cars, three swimming pools, and a pooch to keep my kids distracted from my secretary’s business visits. Life was perfect, but according to my mandate, I still had a little over a year in office.

I had embezzled all I could early on in my career. Better safe than sorry, as I like to say. But then I got bored. What next? And I remembered my mother, when I was just a boy, how she used to teach me the importance of generosity and how we should share our toys. Her case was weak, but I like to try new things in life!

I decided to do something for the community and build a road that would connect my second home to the downtown mall. It was a longish road and the ride was bleak. That’s when I came up with the idea to build a strip joint in between. A happy community is a community that doesn’t ask questions. But then, in the flames of passion for the well-being of others, I ran out of money. I never thought these things could be so expensive. That’s when another of mom’s advice came to mind: ask and it will be given to you. Easy! I started a crowdfunding event to manage to complete the works for the strip club. It engages the citizens and raises awareness of the need to boost local sex work.

If you read this and care for the community you live in if you can see beyond your own best interest and into the heart of your neighbor, donate to our cause.

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