Average woman documents life on Facebook. Reinvents food selfie in the process

Muffintop. California. Sheila is everything you would expect your average modern woman to be: self-absorbed, attention-seeking and depersonalized by media. Her favorite activity is posting pictures on social media platforms, especially Facebook.

“This picture has been taken yesterday”, she clarifies. “I met a colleague in the street and thought it was so awesome. I haven’t seen her in about three full hours. I couldn’t let the moment pass. Aren’t we cute?”

“Sometimes when I am uninspired, I call my friends on a night out and snap a selfie. I have to spend at least a couple of hours in their company, but it’s totally worth the sacrifice. The crazy pics we take sometimes seem to convey how much we enjoy each other when we’re mostly just bored of hearing the same stories again and again. This truly means a whole lot to me, the ability to mask reality and turn it into something it is not. Take Karen for example, I gave her a real big hug in our last selfie. But, you know, I’m actually doing her husband (a big favor, that is). This is what’s truly great about Facebook. You get to tell which story you choose about your life and hope one day to be fully absorbed by its artificiality. It’s a-mazing!”

“On good days I post 4 to 6 pictures. My favorite themes are the morning coffee, the world outside my window, cats, outdoor events, motivational quotes, and FOOD. Food is my great love. I saw how many people post pictures about their meals and felt inspired. I didn’t feel like I had to push the envelope in this field at first, though. It all came naturally. I figured, what’s the guarantee that the food is as delicious as they make it seem if they actually haven’t touched it and tasted it first? It just made no sense to me whatsoever. So I changed the approach to this type of photography and pioneered the HFS aka Hyperrealistic Food Selfie. Here are a few examples.

Chocolate cake

Chocholate cake

Amazing pan Asian dinner with friends


Many other similar pictures are stored now in the “I have a life” album. To be honest, I have never felt more settled in my life than at this very moment, feeling and knowing I have made a difference in the world. A couple of weeks ago I started working on a new concept that will raise the bar even higher.

I feel like this is the moment where I finally get to sit back, relax and let the Universe repay me. ”

From Sheila’s new collection:

Empty plate

Another empty plate. Lemon and parsley on the side

Almost empty plate with an unidentifiable object in the middle.

Possibly sushi


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