God reported missing on Wednesday afternoon

Planet Earth. “It was not even Sunday morning,” Marian informs the police officer in dismay. “I would have understood if it were, but it was always on Wednesdays, early afternoon when we used to have our weekly appointments. Who calls on him at that time of the week, right? So we agreed to this several years ago and neither of us ever failed to make it. I can’t imagine what happened.

When I went to church yesterday he just wasn’t there. I mean, he has never been particularly chatty, so much I can tell you, but I could always tell he was there by the way he was listening. Not this time. This time he stood me up is what he did. After years and years of adoration! Or maybe something happened to him, officer!? Maybe he just found a better sinner?”

Stay tuned for hourly updates on the investigation. God bless!

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