Overseas friend very impressed with marvellous Croatian wedding


Vinkovci, Croatia. After waiting for what seemed an eternity, the 30th of April finally arrived. Friends and family united in the lovely Slavonian town of Vinkovci to celebrate a special union between a Croatian and Canadian citizen, whose national identity was revealed and supported by two awesome and huge flags.

The guests were received very warmly, they reportedly had a lot of fun and were deeply impressed by everyone´s kindness and hospitality. The few drops of rain that fell during late afternoon did not really bother anyone.

It is possible that a few tears were shed as the bride and groom read out their vows.  Some guests stated that they were genuine, heartfelt and very touching. Much like the whole ceremony which displayed a lot of integrity and very little pointless official chatter.

There was some serious dancing going on by 10pm, an activity that was only interrupted by the delicious food that was served. The meal was so delicious in fact, that one could simply not stop eating despite the  brain signaling satiety to the rest of the body with increasing desperation.  As several guests observed, the only drawback was the difficulty of abusing the inviting Rakia around that much food, but then again maybe that wasn´t such a bad thing after all. The morning after damage control was basically nonexistent and unnecessary, leaving many of the guests feeling like proper adults in control of their lives.

Overall the experience was simply amazing and certainly unforgettable!

Congratulations to the beautiful bride and the handsome groom and may their love keep shining on for rest of their lives as a source of inspiration to all of us.





Swedish DJ Avicii nearly misses entrance to the famous 27 Club



Muscat, Oman. Sad news of Tim Bergling´s death spread out Friday, April 20th. The EDM musician, better known by his stage name Avicii, left this world at the age of 28 nearly missing access to the 27 Club.

So far no statement has been issued by the Heavenly Administrative House as to why the young artist was denied entrance to the club where he could have partied on with the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin or Jim Morrisson. Rumor has it, that the club has a strict rock and rollers policy, one Avicii did not comply with. “As a DJ, we understand he dedicated his time to fumbling buttons, an instrument the strict heavenly elite is still unsure about in terms of general acceptance”, divine music reviewer Elle B. Bach explains.

On the bright side, the discrimination seems to have been able to buy the young artist some time, even if not too long, as a slot opened up in the 28 Lounge a few months after his 28th birthday.

The Heavenly Administrative House is expected to clarify the entrance requirements later this week and review remaining applications with care in an attempt to reduce bias and unequitable distribution of available places.




Area woman rushed to hospital after overdosing on wisdom from Quora


Barcelona, Spain. Late Saturday night Mariana Guzman, 43, called the emergency number reporting symptoms of nausea, dizziness and severe abdominal cramps. “I was at home, sipping on a cup of sage tea when it all started. I was in my kitchen reading some really interesting  Q&As on Quora and I might have gotten sucked in a little, because in the middle of  an article about how to improve my life starting with he little things, I felt a pang in my chest and my heart started beating really fast. Then I started to break an inexplicable sweat and to feel rather dizzy. I was short of breath and started to panic. That’s when I called the emergency services.”

After stabilizing the patient and running several tests, the medical staff is baffled. “We have never seen anything like this before. It´s nothing short of a medical mistery. Ms. Guzman displayed symptoms of an overdose without consuming any prohibited substance. When we scanned her brain, we could see clear signs of excessive wisdom in her limbic system as well as in her prefrontal cortex. She then told us that she had been spending a lot of time on forums such as Quora, learning about things ranging from the meaning of life to why nitrogen was called nitrogen.”

Ms. Guzman did admit to a certain level of addiction to soft-spoken, warm advice from strangers. “It´s hard not to get hooked on a platform where genuine kindness, openness and yes, wisdom, are so abundant. Yes, there is no garden without its weeds, but the weed to roses ratio is surprisingly low over here. The people who write are so knowledgeable and polite. It´s like a preview of what it all could be like if everybody was nice to each other. Plus the jokes. ”

Ms. Guzman is going to be released from the hospital on Wednesday with a recommendation for moderation and increased water intake.

Surely there is plenty of advice on how to achieve that on her beloved forum. 

Pickpockets of Barcelona to organize protest march after multiple public transport strikes dramatically decrease their income


Barcelona, Spain.  Admittedly,  it is hard to put a face on the pickpocket community of any city, let alone on a robbery hub the size of Barcelona. Hard, but not impossible, as the quixotic local policeforce would describe it.

Indeed the times are changing and our once elusive brothers and sisters are coming out of the shadows to stand up for what is rightfully theirs. Manuel La Dron, an experienced wallet snatcher whose work is focused on the Metro Lines 2 and 3, elaborates: “Ever since I was little I started learning the craft. It´s the livelihood of generations and a big part of our identity. Ever since the public transport strikes started, we see our income dimish considerably and feel that it is becoming a real threat for our families and our overall wellbeing.”

Manuel also explains that the metros, buses and trams are so crowded that there is simply no space to move between the passengers. “You want to get close, but not too close. There is a certain distance to be calculated, one which requires a special skill. You don´t want to end up making someone feel uncomfortable. What the strikers don´t seem to understand is that we, also, have a work ethic to live up to and demand humane work conditions.”

With this conflict on the rise it is hard to tell what is next in line for the city of Barcelona who has been hit by acute political and socio-economical tension over the past year. The mayor tries to calm the waters and strike a deal with the public transport workers´ so that everything can go back to normal. “We expect the pickpokets´ situation to stabilize accordingly”, she declared in a press conference on Wednesday morning.

The robbers of Barcelona are expected to march through the city center on Saturday, April 21., as a sign of protest against reduced income, increased rates of sexual harressment charges and an overall dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Reports to follow.



The Nobel Prize in Literature 2017 awarded solely based on aesthetic criteria


Stockholm, Sweden. The Nobel Prize in Literature 2017 has been awarded on Thursday,  October 5th, to English writer of Japanese descent Kazuo Ishiguro “who, in novels of great emotional force, has uncovered the abyss beneath our illusory sense of connection with the world”.

There is no obvious trace of a political influence on this decision, causing the literary community to rejoice and breathe easy. ‘It’s been rough in the past with Müller, Kertész and Alexievich winning. Not to mention the Bob Dylan controversy of last year’, Mr. Knowles, a purist defender of aesthetic value comments on the situation.

‘It seems like some things have returned to normal. In a largely divided Europe, with growing tension among countries all over the world, at least this aspect of our society has gotten back in check. It’s good for the people’, public opinion researcher, Ms. Roll, shares her findings with our reporter with a visible air of relief.

Contacted by our team the spokesperson for the Nobel committee declared: ‘We’re just tired of scandal and accusations to be honest. The choice is either too political, too unconventional or a woman. This year we’ll just lay low and pick someone whose books were made into movies.’

Only God knows what Philip Roth must be feeling right now.


Spanish riot police and Catalan population bury the hatchet upon unexpected discovery of sandy beaches 10 minutes away from city centre


Barcelona, Spain. Following police brutality throughout the Catalan region on the 2nd of October, day of the Catalan Referendum for Independence, the people of Barcelona made a remarkable discovery that no one would have expected. It seems like 4 km of sandy beaches are outlining the Eastern part of the metropolis.

“We have no explanation whatsoever for having missed such an important part of our city. People were just walking towards the polling stations in the Barrio of Barceloneta when they simply bumped into this enormously beautiful body of water. We suspect it to be the Mediterranean”, mayor Ada Colau declared in a press conference.

Scientists believe the sea to be several millions of years old: ‘It’s so strange nobody noticed it before. It seems to have been around for quite some time. We always thought the heat was a bit too humid for a landlocked city, but with no clear proof we couldn’t just put a finger on it’, local meteorologist  informs.

Upon catching wind of the city’s beautiful beaches both Catalans and riot police dropped their political agenda and stormed to the metro and bus stations in order to experience this unprecedented view. Firefighters and local police dedicated the rest of their day to preparing Mojitos for the peaceful population. ‘It’s incredible how the beauty of nature can tame passions and bring conflicts to an end. Add a splash of rum and I promise you that’s as close to heaven as you need to get, Jordi, an exhausted, but enthusiastic Catalan firefighter declared for our reporter while mixing drinks.

‘At the end of the day, we need so little to be happy, love and respect each other as human beings’, PM Mariano Rajoy concluded, promising to stop allowing police to beat grandmas and shoot rubber bullets at civilians.





A lot of useful information to be found in ‘Useful info’ folder on company’s shared drive


There is a folder on every company’s SharePoint containing nothing but helpful documentation meant to make your professional life easier. An inquiry into the SharePoint structure of 10 different international IT companies revealed that each and every one of them had an active ‘Useful info’ folder on a shared drive for all  of their employees to access.

‘Unlike dozens of other folders that hold nothing but irrelevant information incapable to serve a single soul, this folder has gathered throughout the years that which we might easily refer to as the company’s core values, its distilled wisdom if you want’, Mark Savage CEO of Pointless declares.

Moreover, an employee survey pointed out the fact that the folder is by far the most popular one among forgetful employees who choose to save their passwords and other private information in order to be able to access it from anywhere across the network.

‘We see a bright future for this type of folder. It won’t be long before employees will realize it can serve as a romance starting point as well. Think Tinder with the security of a VPN connection. Many of them are already slipping their phone number and a cute picture in there. They know it can go a long way’,  Chris Grey system, administrator of Shady, concludes.

With 9 out of 10 professionals accessing it regularly it is safe to say the folder generates more traffic than ‘Fire and Safety Training’ or ‘Deadlines’.